Key Features

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a set of tools and methods that allow structural  storage & retrieval of information/documents in archival systems and databases with centralize access.

  • Develop a comprehensive content repository that captures, indexes, stores, transforms, and delivers enterprise content.
  • Provide complete website management facilities for creating, maintaining, and personalizing websites, and distributing responsibility for Web content across the enterprise.
  • Create full publishing facilities for reviewing, staging, approving, and publishing Web content, complete with full document management.
  • Develop digital asset manager to categorize and manage digital content, i.e graphics, photos, or scanned images.
  • Ease of access to information and document imaging capabilities provides a solution to reduce the costs of managing paper.
  • Make your E-business applications and internal operations developed in a workflow manner that tends to integrate content with business processes, people, and computer systems.
  • Develop an electronic payment system for bills, statements, customer documents, and other payment processing requirements.
  • Provide data quality components for cross-platform and cross-application report balancing and reconciliation to ensure the accuracy and consistency of enterprise information.