Rail : Power, traction and Electrification

Demographic growth, urban development, environmental issues, and the rising demand for mobility are just a few of the factors that are driving the expansion of railway networks world-wide.

Despite the economic turmoil affecting many industries, the rail industry continues to occupy a prominent place in the global economy, with the number of active projects around the world on the rise.

Numerous initiatives are being developed to encourage innovation and modernize rail transport systems and infrastructures in urban settings and on both national and international levels.

ANHAR founders decided to take advantage of their experience in the rail industry and has positioned itself as a driving force for efficiency and performance, providing customers with its renowned expertise in specific areas such as electric traction dimensioning, simulation and electrical modeling, research on conceptual design and catenary regeneration, Energy Storage system (Flywheel, supercapacitors, batteries,…), hybridization principles and proposed topologies, power electronics interface architectures, control and energy management strategies, and application arenas.


- Preparation of Technical Specifications and ICD Equipment

- Evaluation of Suppliers Technical Offers

- Preparation and participation in advance meetings (PDR, CDR, etc.)

- Inputs for defining diagrams / electrical diagrams and support for defining train installation requirements

- Evaluation and management of supplier DRLs

- Evaluation of test procedures

- Support for train integration (ground and flight tests)