Aerospace : Electrical and hybrid propulsion

  System Design

  Preparation and / or updating of:

•  Functional Requirements (System / Sub-System)

•  SW Requirements (Equipment)

•  Interface Control Document (ICD)

Development and implementation of SW simulation models

- Problem Report Analysis to identify any design deficiencies / problems and related changes that emerged during integration activities at the level of:

• Bench

• System / Subsystem (RIG)

• On-Ground (In-Flight)

- Support activities for:

• Equipment / System Engineering

• Qualification

• Configuration Control



- Preparation of Technical Specifications and ICD Equipment

- Evaluation of Suppliers Technical Offers

- Preparation and participation in advance meetings (PDR, CDR, etc.)

- Inputs for defining diagrams / electrical diagrams and support for defining airplane installation requirements

- Evaluation and management of supplier DRLs

- Evaluation of test procedures

- Support for aircraft integration (ground and flight tests)