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We are a provider of information technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Not only do we offer an extensive and scalable Smart Medical Software as a one-stop turnkey system for patient record storage and retrieval, we also provide a host of Healthcare HostedSolutions such as Mobile Health and Healthcare Cloud Computing. All of our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to meet clients requirements and budget.
Our products are based on the Smart Medical Software (SMS), which having done away with the old paper based medical record system, is a more structured, yet also flexible, format paving the way for new-age E-healthcare which allows the fastest and most accurate storage and retrieval of patient records.
Smart Medical Software brings the tools, services and data needed to drive healthcare providers forward. Our modern solution help doctors streamline their day, practice faster and easier, spend more time treating patients; automate many tasks that can slow their practice down. Our software provide advance real-time reports on practice performance so doctors can easily manage their business.
The SMS is an intelligent system that is supportive of and may be integrated with various devices including CISCO, IP phones and the Palm Vein Secure system as well as hand held and mobile phone devices.
Mobile Health is the use of mobile phone technology to improve the health of everyday people. The demand for the adoption of mobile medical and dental clinics to expand outreach in both rural and urban centers is steadily increasing.
AnharCo. Mobile Health provides a flexible and dynamic mobile health solution for the delivery of critical healthcare services. Our system is designed to distribute educational tools as well as to simplify communications between providers of healthcare services.
Healthcare Cloud Computing is a means by which healthcare can be streamlined in a variety of ways such as maintaining health records, patient monitoring,
collaboration with colleagues, data analysis etc.
AnharCo. Cloud Computing solution can help clients exchange, coordinate, integrate and share data and services in a highly efficient manner which ultimately will reduce overall cost.


A comprehensive overview of a patient’s complete clinical visit: medications, problems, allergies, vitals, labs, immunizations and more.

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Friendly display of patient appointments. Customize the appointment for patient.

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Automates the Lab Order request generated by doctors and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned doctor.

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Covers the processes starting from the booking of appointments of the modalities against the .request raised by doctor To delivering the results to the ordering doctor.

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Acts as a drug information system useful for dispensing and stock control functions of the pharmacy department and acts as a centralized drug information system.

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Helps in transmission of complete, preliminary, final and updated laboratory results to the laboratory Information System.

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Helps in storing, retrieving, presenting and sharing images produced by various medical hardware modalities, such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI and ultrasound machines.

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Manages the stocks of drugs, materials and dispensable items, all integrated with the medical records, purchases and billing.

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Is available 7/24, allowing patients and providers access to information exactly when they need it.

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