Key Features

Our Anti-Hacking system is a patented LIVE website hack protection service for your PHP server which monitors your websites 24/7 using the patented CST™ (Continuous Scanning Technology), a Real-Time hacking detection system that stops criminals at the time/point of entry BEFORE any Breach can be done.
Our Anti-Hacking system is designed for web hosting providers, web developers, or anyone with a custom built website. Our Server Edition (SE) products are the choice of hosting companies and resellers because of how easily it can protect all the websites on a server. Web developers love how customizable the security system is, and how it automatically attaches itself into any custom PHP website. A single SE account can run on up to 4 servers, and keeps individual settings for each domain.
The truth is, when it comes to PHP server protection, no other security application or system can match the superiority and aggressive crime fighting abilities of our Anti-Hacking system. It is the world's first intelligent hacking-crime fighting machine.